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Enter the Cage.

Posted on August 30 2016



Close your eyes. Rest the calm of your fingertips on the cold bar.

Play the motion in your head as you duck under.

Find that familiar spot, the line in the sand.

Feel the metal sink into your traps and the stretch of your chest.

Keep your eyes shut.

Push up just enough to feel the bar bend but without lifting it off. 

Test it. Understand it.

Now, throw yourself into the pit.

Enter into the area of your mind that is dark. Focus now more than ever.

Focus on when they said you wouldn’t make it.

That you couldn’t.

When they all laughed.

When someone tore your heart out.

When you were alone.

Keep yourself there and squeeze the bar.

Make the thoughts hurt and dig deeper.

Build it, fill yourself to the brim.


                             and Explode.


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