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Three Pieces.

Posted on August 30 2016

It’s your last meal of the day.

You woke up at 4:30 AM to get the first session in before your 10-hour work day.

You forced down 5 meals.

Pounded through 40 sets.

Your body aches.


With each bite your jaw clenches.

Through exhaustion, you fight the nausea.

Chipping away

Until there are three pieces left.


You could scrape those last three pieces into the garbage.


What are you throwing away?

It was just two ounces of chicken.

But you did that yesterday too.

Four ounces.

How many times have you done this from the start?

50 times? 100 times? 200 ounces total?

You're throwing out something more than three small pieces.

Take a breath

And consume discipline.


Greatness doesn't come by chance.

It comes with every decision you make.

Every extra rep and every extra bite.

So listen to what your momma told you,


Clean your plate.


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