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Under the Guillotine.

Posted on August 30 2016

Welcome back and take a seat.

You’ve been here before.

But things didn’t end well, did they?

Still, you’re back under again,

Hungry for more.


Lay back.

Put yourself under the guillotine.

Feel your lats fall off the edges.

The top of your back dig into the foam.

Pull your feet under you.

Let the stretch of your quads

and the arch of your back remind you where you are.

Under the guillotine.


Are you ready?

Tighten your back,

Prepare you mind.

Welcome the cold metal back to the tips of your fingers.

You roll the bar on the rack.

Understand what you’re up against.


Breathe deep

and unrack the weight.

Palms white as you blood runs from the pressure.

Put it over you, on to death-ground you march.


Slowly the guillotine descends

Stretching your chest and shoulders.

Shaking with every inch.

Doubt seeping with every second.

“What if I can’t get it up?”

“What if it’s too much?”

“I don’t think I can..”




Touch the bar to your chest.

Dig deep,

And push.


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