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Does Your Fat Burner Make The Cut?

Posted on March 14 2019

Rise Performance Burner

Fat burners have been around as long as supplements have been.  Years ago substances such as cocaine or amphetamine were used before the public and government became aware.  Even tape worms were given to people to help lose fat.  Nowadays, tons of stimulants and nootropics are thrown together and said to burn fat when its simply not true.  Sure, increasing energy will increase output thus increasing total calories burned in a day.  But at what cost? Extreme nausea? Unsafe heart rate and blood pressure? Adrenal fatigue?  It is important when choosing a fat burner to pay attention to the label.  A good fat burner should use the least ingredients while maximizing effectiveness.  What should you look for?


Some great fat burning agents:


Green tea EGCG:

While the main reason for supplementing with green tea is to increase fat burning it also can help “block” carbohydrates

N-Acetyl-L-Tyrosine (NALT):

A strong form of the amino acid L-Tyrosine, NALT increases production of noradrenaline and dopamine.  Supplementing with NALT can give a sense of “well-being” while increasing thyroid levels resulting in fat loss.

Cayenne Pepper Extract:

Ever have too much hot sauce and feel like you ran a marathon?  Well that hot feeling serves a purpose by increasing core temperature and increasing metabolic output. 


Commonly known as “bitter orange”, Synephrine is a great legal substitute for ephedra.  Strong fat burning effects as well as extreme energy.


A powerful B2 agonist, Higenamine ramps up the metabolic activity of the body while substantially decreasing appetite.

Raspberry Ketones






While all these compounds have been shown to have fat burning properties, not all are legal such as ephedra and DMAA and can contain unwanted side effects depending on dosage. 


 Rise Performance Fat Burner Burner

If a fat burner only contains one or two of these ingredients you should immediately look elsewhere.  Chances are the company included more focus agents than anything.  While these compounds will give the appearance of a true fat burner due to increased alertness and energy, the true fat burning potential will be limited. 


Another unwanted side effect of fat burners is the restriction of blood flow. Obviously, when you are in the gym during a grueling session, your body needs that blood to fuel your workout. When a fat burner is heavy on caffeine, you may actually see a decrease in your performance and vascularity. This is where ingredients like Higenamine come in. Higenamine is interesting because it is one of the few stimulants that act as a vasodilator removing the potential problems that may accompany other stimulants making it a must have.

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Dosages become extreme in this supplement category.  In supplementation it is always important to maximize efficiency to limit the amount of compounds we are putting into our body.  Look for Quercetin combined with EGCG to work synergistically. Studies have outlined the antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties when combining these compounds and increasing overall potency. Bioperine is also known to increase the body’s uptake of many substances.  Blood flow agents can also increase the absorption of many compounds such as nootropics. 


Our recommendation is Burner by Rise Performance. It combines 9 synergistic ingredients to help you shed the extra pounds. Burner is designed to give comprehensive thermogenesis. It uses a mixture of strategically selected stimulants, naturally efficient fat burners and potency increasers to maximize each ingredient to deliver a true state of thermogenesis.


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But remember, the best fat burner on the market will not do the work for you.  Get in the gym and work hard.  Get in the kitchen and prep whole foods.  Leave no stone unturned and let your fat burner take care of the rest. 


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